August 8
My first night in the Stratosphere hotel at the end of the famous Vegas strip.. We we’re exhausted, so imagine how wonderful I slept in these Queen sized beds. Also, because we were so tired last night, we didn’t even notice that we were dropped in the most terrible room ever. We didn’t even have lights in the bathroom. So the first thing my mom did was arranging another room with a much more better view. Thank god!

On the way to the hotel yesterday evening, my mom noticed a 7 Eleven across the street of the hotel. Because we definitely don’t want to eat the crappy food in the hotel and area, we wanted to get something from there.. But first.. Finding the actual 7 Eleven. My mom thought she knew where it was, but after walking for almost an hour, feeling dehydrated and weak, we stepped into a local mini market where they also didn’t sell any healthy foods at all. With my Starbucks in a bottle and an energy drink, I walked out this shitty market. Why is it so hard to find any healthy foods over here? Damn!

Immediately after we had our breakfast, while sitting on the sidewalk in front of the mini market, we went looking for the shopping mall I remembered from last year. Not only because this mall has a huge Forever 21 inside, WHICH I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT, but it’s also very near a particular bus stop. This bus will take us to the Red Rock Resort where the World Hip Hop Championships take place, which I am about to see. Like I said in a previous post, I’m gonna support team No Escape XXL, which I was part of myself until last year!


So we’re walking… Walking.. And walking again. But there is still no shopping mall to see. Holy shit! I really thought I knew where it was. Las Vegas is such a maze! First my mom, now me.. I guess Do is next then. Okay. Let’s just ask someone. After walking for another hour we finally asked someone who could explain us where we had to go. Actually, we walked around it already before. Oh shit! I can already see the big Forever 21 signs! Let’s go!



Because the shuttle bus to Red Rock wasn’t coming in one hour, we spent this waiting time in the Forever 21. Duh! I immediately felt obsessed again by this clothing store. Even when my mom and Dominique spoke to me, I think I didn’t even heard what they said because I was so focused. Oh god, I’m so shop-addicted! Where’s that shopping rehab?
In a hurry I fitted some clothes and bought almost everything. My mom and Do were at the bus stop already, while I was at the check out. When it was my turn to pay, I couldn’t find my wallet anywhere.. O no, I forgot it at the hotel.. So I ran outside to my mom and she gave me her credit card (I mean.. why not?). Don’t worry, I did pay her back. I only forgot that I couldn’t pay with this card without any ID. So after my second attempt of payment at the checkout, I had to run outside again to ask my mom to come with me. In the next blog post I will show you one of the pieces I bought. I love it!


So now we’re waiting for the bus to come.. And we’re waiting, waiting and waiting again.. But there was no bus showing up. After 1,5 hours of waiting the shuttle bus FINALLY arrived. The bus had some problems but was good to go now. The only problem was that the megacrew devision already started, so that would mean I would miss No Escape XXL’s performance! I cried like a baby inside. I know I would miss it for sure, but I prayed that it would all turn out fine after all. So after a 30-minutes drive we all jumped out of the shuttle bus and sprinted to the 5th level of the hotel. I’m so glad I’m familiar with this hotel, because I competed myself with No Escape XXL last year in the exact same hall. And guess what? WE WERE THERE ON TIME! We arrived like no more than five minutes before their performance! We were so lucky! It made my whole day.



I was so proud of them.. Their performance was freaking awesome. Everyone was so surprised that I was there to support them. But I really couldn’t miss this. I’m so glad we did it, that we booked our flight to Vegas to experience all this.
A few hours later the adult crew No Escape performed. They also did a great job. I’m so proud of them!

Then it was already time for us to catch our last shuttle bus to the strip.. It was time to say goodbye now. See you all next year in Holland!