Okay. Searching the 7 Eleven story part II. Because our breakfast of yesterday morning sucked big time, it was time for something better now. Something more healthy. We walked, walked and walked again.. But guess what! We actually found it! But if that’s what made us happy?….

All this walking for nothing. There was even less choice in healthy foods over there then where we were yesterday. At least we did our workout before..

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So.. We could choose between hot dogs, chocolate chip cookies, fast food 1, fast food 2.. And okay, a chemical apple. Nah, passing that. After a long time of looking what I was about to buy, I finally chose for a ready-to-go “chicken with rice and beans” meal. At least, that’s what I thought. My mom bought the same thing and it turned out to be a smurry, blurry, weak soup in a cup with old, dead chicken and sticky rice… And with dead chicken I mean like, more dead than a normal fried chicken. It was disgusting. I look forward to a normal self-made breakfast next week, since there’s nothing here in Vegas besides the expensive all-you-can-eat hotel buffets! Even croissants with fresh strawberries would make my day right now.

All right, enough about the horror worst-thing-I-ever-ate-for-breakfast story. After we filled our tummies, we decided to chill out at the pool. We’ve been sunbathing for hours and I can tell you.. It was incredibly hot! You even burned your feet when walking on the hot floor in the sun. But it was very nice, haven’t been chilling like this for a long time now. Can’t complain!


Later that day we freshened up and went to the strip. We wanted to catch the bus this time, so we sprinted like top athletics because the bus was already arriving. We could see he was laughing at us. But hey, we didn’t want to walk 100 miles like yesterday and still getting lost. We got out at the beautiful Venetian hotel and got a sweet fro•yo (frozen yoghurt) over there.. Which was delicious. In my next blogpost you can see some pictures I made with my new Forever 21 outfit in front of the Venetian hotel. Stay tuned!







The Venetian hotel is so beautiful!

After visiting this amazing hotel from the in- and outside we went inside the Forum Shops fashion mall.. Oh. My. God. I literally watched my eyes out (like the Dutch would say ;)). Holy shit! It’s just every girl’s dream to be over here! If I would win the jackpot here in Vegas, I would immediately spend it over there.. Fashion brands like Christian Louboutin, Victoria’s Secret, Zanotti, MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, … Everything right next to each other in also the most beautiful mall from the inside I’ve ever seen.










Please, promiss me you’ll go over there when you’re visiting Vegas. Please don’t forget The Forum Shops! It’s located in the Caesar’s Palace and I can assure you… It’s heaven over there.

Next stop: The “Welcome to Las Vegas Sign”. We decided to just walk and stop at the nearest bus stop.. Except for the fact there was no bus stop. We walked and walked again and became really dehydrated. Eventually we just walked another two hours to find this famous sign. We were EXHAUSTED. But hey, at least we saw the whole Strip, right?







Immediately after making some thousands of selfies in front of this board, we walked to the Panda Express for the sweetest chicken ever. This was our last full day to be spent in Vegas.. See you tomorrow!