August 10

3:45 am
I really couldn’t sleep anymore.. So guess what, I stood up in the middle of the night, picked up my baby MacBook and edited some blogphoto’s for you guys. For like 5 hours.

10:30 am
Breakfast time! What should we choose this time? Hot dog, corn dog or expired muffins? Just kidding, I chose for the chococereal and bananabread and my new addiction: cold ready-to-go Starbucks coffee in a bottle.

11:30 am
We went straight up on the 108th floor of the Stratosphere with a view over whole Vegas!

1:00 pm
Okay.. Do wanted to gamble just once in Vegas.. Gambling in Vegas = losing money big time. That’s just a fact. I was also in a really bad mood, so our day started off great today. Not knowing yet how this day actually would turn out!

2:30 pm
We packed our belongings and went to the Las Vegas airport by cab. From there we would take a rental car and drive straight to San Diego. We only don’t have a car yet..

3:00 pm
At the airport the car rental companies really tried to fool us by selling a way too expensive rental car (like double of what we paid after all!). After two hours of negotiating, surfing the internet and waiting lines, we finally got our car.

Having fun in the car!

5:15 pm
First stop: the nearest grocery store! I was impréssed! I’ve seen the biggest water melons, peanut butter jars and the biggest assortment of food and drinks EVER. They even have Dr. Pepper Diet! OMG! I think it would take months to know where all the products are stored.

We finally had some good dinner with two ingredients I missed so bad already. Chicken with Dutch curry ketchup (brought from Holland!) and vanilla pudding. Come to mama!

8:30 pm
Straight after our cozy dinner in a car that’s way-too-hot-to-eat-dinner-in, the navigator leaded us to San Diego. At least.. That’s what we thought. After a 2 hour drive (no kidding!), we ended up in Death Valley.. A really scary, stereotypical horror scene like you see in American horror movies. Every single detail was like in such films! We stopped at the scariest gas station ever, with a restroom like people had been murdered over there and the most unfriendly, hard rock driven cashier at the checkout. And oh yeah, the ice cream I bought was at least one year expired. Is this really the normal route to san Diego? I mean like.. We were almost the only car on the streets and the navigator acted like it was on drugs. We totally trusted this little “high-tech” machine, but after we left the gas station and were on our way again, our trust dissapeared immediately. We drove back to the gas station and asked a local person. “What? Saaan Diego? Oh men, that’s way out of your direction. I’m sorry man.” We looked at the map and the world stopped for a moment. Death Valley was the opposite direction from Las Vegas than we were supposed to be. That means we lost 2 hours + 1 hour we were stuck in scary Death Valley + 2 hours extra driving back + another 4 hours of actually driving to San Diego. Which makes it a 9-hour drive instead of a 4/5-hour drive. These kind of things only happen to us…






But let’s be optimistic. There are much more worse things happening in the world. But this surely sucks big time. But at the same time it’s a hell of a story to tell and I know for sure.. I will never enter Death Valley again!

9:45 pm
Oh shit! Wait! I’m actually writing this while were still on our way to San Diego.. But this trip really creeps the hell out of me. There are lightning streaks everywhere around us every minute as we speak! And not just little ones.. They seem very strong! And we haven’t seen a gas station or a stop for 100 miles now.. Please God, bring us home safely (at 3am at night…) What a trip, what a day!

11:15 pm
BOOM BOOM BOOOM BOOOM! Speaker volume almost reaches his limit. My mom drank a whole can of energy drink and I really can tell. We’re all so tired, we’re full of energy. Doesn’t make any sense, right? But we’re really making the best out of the situation.


2:15 am
Oh! Is that LA over there?! Hell yeah! Let’s stop at another gas station and guess what.. We witnessed our first crime scene. Gotta get outta here!

3:30 am
Oh my god… When do we ever reach our final destination. We also gotta pee like insane.. So we stopped at gas station number 10 and the restrooms were closed. Also “Del Taco” with the 24-hr drive thru was closed. What could possibly go more wrong? I didn’t want to pee on the grass of the city of Angels, but my mom did.

5:00 am
Holy shit.. I can’t believe it. Did we actually arrive?! Alive? Like really?! YES!!! We did! After sitting in the car for 11 hours (800 kilometers) straight, instead of the supposed 5 hours and 500 kilometers, we arrived the destination at exactly 5:00 am in the morning. Can you imagine? We left Vegas 5:30 pm by car (I didn’t even count our taxi drive and everything from the hotel) and we arrived just now.. And it’s my first day of school. But damn, it was quite a trip. We laughed, we cried (from the inside) and we acted like some stupid, crazy monkeys.

It was fun after all and we have quite a story to tell. I’m going to sleep for now, but I’ll catch up very soon. I’m so excited for my first day of school tomorrow! Really don’t know what to expect, but I guess we’ll just see.

See ya later, alligators!