August 17
So today we went to Balboa Park. After a long drive we finally arrived the first “Balboa Parking” we saw. But where’s the park? We walked around for a while but didn’t see anything. How can this famous area be so isolated? After Do finally asked someone, we’ve found it. It was like you entered a completely different world! It was so beautiful over there, you can’t even imagine. Especially the architecture of the buildings were outstanding. Check out this blog later for an outfit post, shot at this beautiful place!

Yeah, that’s me.. And yeah, that’s a snake..

After we had seen enough of this I-can’t-even-imagine-how-I-could-ever-seen-enough-of-this-place-called Balboa Park, we wanted to go to the famous San Diego Zoo afterwards. Too bad it wasn’t cheap at all and it was only open for another three hours.. So we decided to leave after all and guess where we went to?

APPLEBEE’S! Dutch homies at home? Don’t you miss the amazing food of this place we once had in our country before? I hated it that all the Applebee’s were removed out of The Netherlands, but after a few years I finally had my reunion with this amazing dining restaurant! Even though I can’t really tell what food they always had, I can still remember how the interior design and all looked like.

And I can tell you.. The food was amazing!

Dessert? How about a selfie time! Haha.

Later that day we went to the IKEA once again.. But for the very last time to buy some last things.

Like my new bed. Nah, just kidding (even though it fitted perfectly).

August 18
Today we are heading out to Dana Point Harbor! That’s where we get on a boat trip to locate and see some whales and dolphins. Like a real ocean safari!

Preparing ourselves for a tough boat trip today at the beach around the corner.. Life is so hard.

Having some fun while spending some crazy hours in the car!

We went on a boat trip together the day before my mom and Do left. We saw a whale for like two times and we also saw hundreds of dolphins! They were actually swimming with the boat! That was so beautiful and so amazing to see..

There they are! Meet the dolphins!

You wish, you wish…

Look at my beautiful mom.. She’s gorgeous, right!