August 11
Shit! I’m gonna be late on my first day of school! I brushed my teeth, put on some make up and got ready as fast as I could. I’m so excited, today I would actually be at the San Diego State University for the very first time!


First day of school

As soon as my mom dropped me off at my new school, I went inside immediately. There I was welcomed by some student staff and they leaded me directly to the welcoming presentation. The room was full of international students. From there on we got a little campus tour and they made a profile picture of each of us for our student ID card. In the meantime I chatted with some Norwegian girls, who were very nice! After our picture was being taken and getting our student ID card, we were done for today.. Me and some more Norwegian girls went straight to a place we could eat something and sit down. I went with them to kill time while waiting to be picked up again..

And the SDSU campus? Wow.. I’m so impressed! It’s really beautiful, but also kind of a maze.. I hope to learn the map by heart, so I won’t get lost that easily!

When my mom and Do picked me up we went to the Blvd63 Apartment Complex, where I’m gonna be living this semester from August 16.. Just like the SDSU campus, this apartmentcomplex is so beautiful.. It really felt like I was in a super expensive hotel resort! And this will be my home for the next 5 months!!! I love it so much!

After getting a tour in my future home, I opened a Wells Fargo bank account. My personal banker Cindy is such a nice woman.. From there we went to a decent supermarket Vons and straight after that we spent a lot of time at the IKEA. Yeah. An IKEA, here in San Diego. Can you even imagine?

At home we found out Do lost his phone somewhere.. Shit no! We really couldn’t find it anywhere! We literally searched everywhere we could, every hole, every corner.. Nothing. I really felt sorry for him. I hated to see him that sad.. Especially when we wanted to call IKEA, but it was closed already. Also the gym was closed, where he wanted to go so badly to forget this situation for a minute. I hope this will all turn out fine tomorrow, because this day didn’t turn out that good…

Oh and one more thing. The hotel is full from tomorrow on. And with full I mean full without us. We haven’t found something else yet so I pray we also don’t have to sleep in the car tomorrow…

August 12
Okay, so we checked out at this hotel with no other hotel to go now. We just randomly drove to another hotel of this same branch and we were really lucky that they had some available rooms.. And a room over here is less expensive, bigger, more beautiful AND near campus!

When we settled in, we drove to the Wells Fargo immediately to ask if they had found Do’s iPhone. Well, they didn’t.. Do didn’t have any faith anymore, but I did. I told him to visit the IKEA once again, but he didn’t believe that his phone would be there. I convinced him to go anyway, and I’m so glad we did. They actually did have his phone!!! Someone turned it in. He’s sooo lucky and we’re all sooo happy! Not only the phone is worth a lot of money, but the photo’s and everything in it is worth even more.. Oh my god, this day is the complete opposite of yesterday! Maybe we should gamble some money back, Do lost in Vegas. Guess the odds are in our favor today.

Everything turned out fine after all. And everything is also so beautiful over here! We went to Mission Beach, which is so beautiful. After that I went to the Target for the very first time. I love this store already! In the late hours Do and I went to the gym on campus… Wow. This gym is HUGE! Wow, Do really was in heaven at the moment. Everything is so nice over here.. I don’t look forward to December at all. I don’t ever want to come back home! I’m sorry guys!


August 14
Today I went on a bus city tour trip, operated by SDSU. I almost got late.. Again. This time because I went to Walmart before to get a new American telephone number. But the activating part took soooo long, I was really afraid I would miss the bus! But happily the bus was late, so I arrived at school on time!
In the bus I recognized a girl I met at the US consulate in Amsterdam while getting my visa. How funny!
We traveled to several beaches, downtown and I saw many miles of traffic and highways.. Could have been better. I really liked the beaches, though. Especially Ocean Beach and Coronado! Wow!

Ocean beach

Ocean beach

In the evening I went to the cinema downtown with Do and mom. What’s the movie called again? The Purge. I must confess I haven’t seen anything of this movie, I think I slept the whole time. We were like the only people in the whole cinema room and we we’re able to lay down.. Holy shit. Sleeping in a cinema was never so comfortable before. Outside the cinema there was a lot of partying going on. Everything looked so nice! But everything’s also 21+.. Gosh! Why am I still 20? And why is America so hypocrite? Like we 20-year-olds can’t even enter clubs, even without drinking, while they can do other adulty stuff that easily with the age of 18. Gotta stick to the frat parties then.

August 15
Today is Orientation day! I’m so excited! But first.. Let’s arrive on time. Our navigator was kind of disorientated (like a few days ago), so we got lost once again. Shit! I would have been on time, but I still got late..
Straight after the presentation, mainly about how to add/drop courses, I met the norwegian girls again and went to the fitness area while waiting for my mom and Do to pick me up. I didn’t got any work-out clothes with me, so I did some fashionable weight lifting today in my colorful jumpsuit and with naked feet. The co-SDSU students must have thought some weird things about me. Well, that’s Yazzie!

Tomorrow is move-in day! I can’t wait to actually settle in in my very own room and apartment. See you, guys!