At the bus city tour I already told you about in a previous post, I really fell in love with Ocean Beach. So I had to show it to my mom and boyfriend. This beach rocks! I’m definitely gonna spend a lot of time over here upcoming semester.

Look at him… Holding the surfboard like he owns it!

Love you, mom!

Look at this PEACE, hippie-style hostel! Let me tell you something funny.. I was supposed to stay over here the first two weeks before move-in date at Blvd63 Apartments. How funny is that! I was just walking down the street and saw this place. It looks so creative and fun. For whoever is interested, it’s called the ‘Ocean Beach Hostel’. Simple, right?

Every wednesday there’s this Farmer’s Market at Ocean Beach. It has some really cool stands with a lot of things you can buy for affordable prices. From organic foods and soap to bikini’s and clothing. I’ve also never seen so many hippies at once before. I love it!

If it wasn’t America, we wouldn’t cross candy stores like this.. With Twinkies. And Bacon. At a candy store. Yes, bacon. (Haven’t seen that combination before.. Until now I guess.)