Eline being obsessed by her future-owned-sunglasses.. Too bad for her the store was closed..

This weekend I went to Amsterdam with two amazing girls Eline (known from her fashion blog: and Sabina. The started off very well (not!) when Sabina and I planned to meet Eline at a particular train station. When we arrived and couldn’t see Eline anywhere, we stepped out of the train because we didn’t want to leave without her. When the train left we got a call where we were.. Guess what? Eline díd step into the train.. The train we just stepped out of. Great.

Our plan B was to travel apart till the next most nearby station. There we meet each other and our journey to Amsterdam (with a lot of gossip and the most girly stories) could finally “begin”!

When we arrived in Amsterdam and had something small for lunch, we first went to the highlight of the day: the Titanic Artefact Exhibition. This EXPO travels around the globe and is in the Netherlands until mid-May. Sabina and I had already visited this EXPO before, but since we are óbsessed by this beautiful story of an incredible, sad disaster, we went back together and took Eline with us. It was phenomenal and breath-taking.. Again. Please check this EXPO out, before it’s gone!

After almost 4 hours of reading, listening, carefully watching and walking trough this exhibition, we were done and EXHAUSTED. If there was a bed nearby, I’d have taken a sleep right away. Even though the EXPO is so interesting and beautiful, your brain has to process a lot. So.. time to bring up our energy!

Health-guru Eline brought Sabina and I to her favorite place called ‘Bagels & Beans’. Next to all the kinds of raw food, you’ll find a lot of other healthy choices. You can’t even order a simple Coke or Diet Coke, because that’s too unhealthy and it would destroy the image of the commercial chain. I ordered a delicious Vata tea and a bagel with advocado and smoked chicken. I can surely tell it was delicious!

The most delicious tea ever, Vata tea!

A bagel with advocate, basil oil, lettuce and pine nuts.. Yum!

When our energy-levels were fully raised again, Sabina had to left us for other plans she already made before. So that left us, Eline and I, alone and that means chaos! We traveled through whole Amsterdam in order to find a beautiful place where we could take some of our blog pictures. When we finally found one, we got disturbed by a group of annoying young English young men. They invited us to their hotelroom roof terrace, but we had definitely something else to do. Luckily for us the old lady of the bed & breakfast where the boys were staying helped us to ged rid of them and gave us a full tour through her B&B. But when we were at the roof terrace (with the lady of course) we heard some noises. Shit! The boys are back! The old lady and us young ladies almost died. We hid behind a wall until we didn’t hear anything anymore. What a scenario! You must have been there with us, haha!

Unfortunately when we were back in the streets of Amsterdam, the sun, and so the pictureweather, was fully gone. After wandering through the streets for a long time, realizing we were definitely lost, we finally found a known tram-stop. We wouldn’t be back home before 11 pm. We didn’t care it was that late, we still had many things on our planning like watching the Titanic movie. Too bad that wasn’t a succes.. I’ve seen that movie like a trillion times and even though the movie began as beautiful as always, I fell asleep after no more then 10 minutes. I guess it wasn’t “worth” watching in the night hours this time.. Well, at least I tried. It surely was a long, but a great productive day!


Sabina, Eline and I