Dear blog, dear blog readers..

First of all, I know haven’t been blogging that frequently lately, but I was really busy arranging everything for my exchange to the San Diego State University this fall semester. Because of this I felt like giving a small break in writing blogs, so I could completely focus on the exchange, but I can happily announce that from the day I’ll arrive in the US I will blog my ass of! There have happened so many things these last few weeks, I don’t even know where to begin.

I think I’m just gonna tell you about my Goodbye party last evening. I was really looking forward to this! But it was also a pain in the ass to arrange everything.. Especially because the weather wasn’t really nicely predicted, while the theme of my party was California… Bummer! But eventually the weather turned out great, so that was quite a relief! Many people I invited showed up and we had a great time. It was my first time to arrange such a party like this, so it was really nerve wrecking in the beginning. But as soon as the first people arrived, I really liked it and I had the time of my life. Special thanks to my mom, dad, Dominique and his parents for all their help! Without them I wouldn’t even have a party. I could tell you all about the party, but just look at the pictures and you can tell for yourself. It was awesome!

My dearest mom and dad.. I’m gonna miss you!
My beautiful, crazy grandma! Also gonna miss you, grannie!
My boyfriend, his brother and his parents.. We’re all so crazy!
The lovely girls Rose-Anne and Dilara (we were a singing girl group once named Ready…) even surprised me with their presence! Omg, I love you girls!
Also, Dominique’s friends showed up. They even gave me the funniest, creepiest, sexiest, weirdest gift ever…. Haha!
We’re dressed like… No, wait. I let you do the guessing! Hint: Hollywood, 1978.
With my big brother Mitch and his beautiful wife Ammi.
Dilara even tapped her own -not with the intention to actually drink it- beer!
Almost all of my JT colleagues also showed up. Thank you guys!

Bye everyone!