Hi guys!

Today Dominique came back for an 11-day-visit from Barcelona to our home country The Netherlands. Today was also my last deadline for my final school essay this year, which means… TIME FOR SUMMER! Dominique and I decided to dinner in our big, beautiful (sarcasm!) city.. But we didn’t check the weather announcements, so the rain decided to ruin my beautifully curled hair. But this was no reason for not taking some photo’s with my new camera! Yes… I got a new Canon 600D! I’m so happy!
Some of you guys know I’m shooting with my Canon 5D Mark II for three years now.. Which is a blast. This camera is amazing. Also, it’s my baby.. My everything. But I also had to bring this extremely expensive, heavy camera to everywhere I wanted to take photo’s, even though it wasn’t a big thing to photograph.. It was always a risk to bring this camera to vacation trips and such things, because I didn’t want this baby to get hurt! That is why I bought this cheap, light-weighted version, the Canon 600D, which is awesome for everything except “professional shoots”. It came with my favorite 50 mm 1.8 lens, what made it even more amazing! Haha, it is quite funny to be so excited about this camera, which is 1/10 cheaper than my Canon 5d and the pictures won’t have that awesome 5D quality.. But that’s okay. I welcome her to my Canon family! And Dominique, don’t worry.. I welcome you too, haha. You, me and my camera’s will have a great time the next 11 days. Yes!

Jacket and Shoes: Local store, Jeans: Berschka, Tanktop: H&M, Sunglasses: The Walk of Fame, Hollywood!



Haha, look at my beautiful little chihuahua Coco!